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The Rationals - Broadway MBTI

Rationals are abstract in speech and utilitarian in pursuing their goals. Their greatest strength is strategy. Their most developed intelligence role is that of either theEngineer (Architects and Inventors) or the Coordinator (Masterminds and Fieldmarshals).

As the knowledge-seeking temperament, Rationals trust reason implicitly. They rely on objective observations and factual analysis in any given situation. They seek alogical argument as a basis for action. As strategists, Rationals strive to gain as much information as possible, applying what they learn to develop long-term plans and the steps for achieving them. They are characterized by a tough-minded personal style, tending to pursue either power or understanding. They are often strong-willed, ambitious, intelligent, and self-determined. Subjective thoughts and emotion have no place in the decision-making process of a Rational. Driven to excel, they work hard to achieve their goals, and they do well where they can take control or work independently on a task.

Interests: Rationals are drawn to science and technology. They usually seek careers involving systems—whether mechanical or electrical (as in engineering), organic (as in biology), social (as in psychology or sociology), or organizational (as in business or economics).[2]

Orientation: Rationals are pragmatic about the world around them, having little use for social convention or sentiment except as a means to an end. They weigh logical outcomes before acting, looking for errors in reasoning—in themselves and others. Many often believe that ethical concepts like good and evil are relative, depending on one’s particular point of view.[citation needed] They regard time as the duration of events rather than as a continuum. They view place as the intersection of two crossing lines (as in Cartesian coordinates, for example).[2]

Self-image: The Rationals’ self-esteem is rooted in their ingenuity; their self-respect in their autonomy; and their self-confidence in their resoluteness.[2]

Values: Rationals appear calm even in times of turmoil. They achieve this state through an intense concentration of effort rather than through cold-heartedness. They trust reason and strive for achievement. They are knowledge-seekers who aspire to technical wizardry, and so are pleased when others defer to their expertise.[2]

Social roles: In romantic relationships, Rationals want a mindmate with whom they can discuss the topics that interest them, which are often abstract or theoretical, such as philosophy. As parents, they encourage their children to become self-reliant individuals capable of thinking for themselves. In their professional and social lives, Rationals are visionary leaders, developing and consolidating coherent long-term plans.[2]

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Disney’s Patent Drawings for Drone Actors and floating projection pixels.  

Too cool!


Japanese actor Oukouchi Denjirou 大河内 傳次郎 (1898-1962) in 1930s

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Harry Potter House Quills

These cruelty-free quills are made out of dyed pheasant feathers. Quills in each house’s color are available. An ideal gift for any Hogwarts student. Sold on Etsy.


Lantern slides showing movie theater etiquette and announcements, circa 1912.

 Excellent podcast etiquette for today as well, IOHO. Please, applaud with hands only as you listen to our latest

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This store owned by a man of Japanese ancestry is closed following evacuation orders in Oakland, California, in April of 1942. After the attack on Pearl Harbor the owner had placed the “I Am An American” sign in the store front window. (AP Photo/ Dorothea Lange)


I’m really sad at the fact that I just got to see this movie.

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The hardest thing about getting older….


Making its way through the fossil record, “Dinopedia" by Winardi is currently one of our top scoring submissions! Check out Winardi’s process video for this design:

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"Welcome to Gotham"

By Matthew Vidalis

Matthew just sent me a link to this print now available on Etsy. Printed on high quality matte paper, 22”x40” Limited quantity, get it now!”